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5 Dec , 2014  

September 23rd 2014

A few days before we went to Guatape, I had met up with a guy from CouchSurfing called Andres for coffee and had invited Phil to join us. When I mentioned that we were going to Guatape that week, Andres immediately invited us to stay with his parents the night after, as his family home was half way between Guatape and Medellin. He didn’t even check with his parent first but we agreed and the day after staying in Guatape we set about trying to meet up with Andres. More…

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16 Oct , 2014  

September 22nd 2014

Skipping ahead to 6 days into my stay in Medellin, and Phil and I had decided to go to Guatape. Guatape is a cute little town about 2hrs bus ride away from Medellin. Everyone has been telling me its amazing and not to miss it. I’m not sure how Phil has caught up to me; he stayed 2.5 weeks extra in Bogota to study Spanish and I am yet to stop to take classes so it seems I am just making my way through Colombia incredibly slowly. Anyway, its nice to hang out with someone and not have to do the regular introductions: What’s your name? Where are you from? How long are you travelling for? Where are you going next? Where have you been? Etc It’s starting to get repetitive.


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