11 Sep , 2014  

30th August to 2nd September

When I got back from the Lost City hike I checked back into the hostel I had moved to the day before going. No sooner had I walking into the dorm, I heard someone scream my name. Charnie, a Perth girl I had met in Bogota, had been staying in the 8 bed dorm alone for a few days and was super excited to finally have some company. She had travelled over a year in Europe and had met up with one of her best friends to do 4 months in South America, arriving on the same day as me. Unfortunately though, her friend had met a Russian girl at this hostel and decided that he couldn’t live without her so had ditched Charnie to travel with the Russian, 3 weeks into their 4 month planned trip. How rude. So I convinced her to come chill with me for a few days at the beach in Palomino. I felt that after the hike I was in much need of some relaxing beach time.


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6 Aug , 2014  

I’ve made it across the Pacific Ocean to Chile!

Learnings & Observations:

– Chilean Customs officers may or may not fine you for bringing in fruit and not declaring it, depending on the mood of their boss when they ask.

– When getting a share-taxi from the airport, the only instructions after paying at the desk are: “Go to door 5. Find Antonio”

– Keeping within a road lane is completely optional – why do that when you could drive hovering over 2 lanes and weave in and out of traffic as you please?

– English is not the common language spoken by travellers here; there’s lots of Spanish and French.