Minca Finca

20 Aug , 2014  

After a day of doing mostly nothing yesterday, I thought I better do at least one exciting thing today. Woke up super early (like always because nowhere has proper curtains and the light pours in from about 6am) but decided no to get up until an “appropriate” breakfast time so I could maximise the potential to make new friends over morning food.

There’s a non-included buffet breakfast on offer here for the equivalent of $5 (which I’ve decided is too expensive – lower price standards now) so I had the free coffee with the soy milk I bought yesterday…wasn’t too bad. While I was discussing what to do with the girl I met yesterday, 2 American girls came to ask if we wanted to go on the Minca coffee tour with them cos they needed at least 1 extra person for the tour to run. Worked out perfectly as that was just what I was considering doing and probably wouldn’t have worked it out until after the tour left.


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