9 Aug , 2014  

Learnings & Observations:

–       Bogota does not have any seasons; the weather is pretty similar all year round.

–       Normal sized people cannot fit on the city buses. 15cm is just not enough space to fit my legs into!

–       Some Bogota nightclubs now have extended hours; they used to close at 3am, now they close at 5am. Because lets have more drunk people around.

Haven’t got much to say about my arrival day in Bogota except that I slept for about 16 hours after getting access to my room. Must have overslept because I still woke up tired the next day….nothing unusual there.

I realized 2 major things at breakfast the next morning: 1: the hostel serves CocoPops!! The fancy pants cereal. And 2: I forgot my tube of Vegemite. Devastated. Feeling un-Australian.


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